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Benefits of Sleep – How Much We Need to be Productive

The lack of sleep has many side effects that affect your day to day life and your future health, from fatigue and loss of concentration to the possibility of not feeling like a person without having your caffeine fix. In general, sleeping in a little longer sometimes, of course, can be good for you, it allows you to catch up on some shut-eye and allows your body to relax. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. It’s important to remember that sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. The desire to spend more than 8–9 hours sleeping is rather tempting but it’s important to remember that sleeping more can, in fact, increase tiredness.

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Young woman sleeping in bed at night. Sleeping time

How Much Sleep Do You Need Per Night?

Despite most of us prioritising spending at least eight hours in bed, few fail to understand the importance of getting enough shut-eye but may wish we could sleep better. Our natural cycle is interfered by alarms and energy drinks, this is what tends to keep us awake. Sleep patterns differ from one age to another, however, an average person should get at least eight hours of quality sleep, although lifestyle and health play a key role in determining how much sleep we actually get.

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Mattress and pillow

The Benefits of Hiring a Mattress Instead of Purchasing One

Hiring a mattress instead of purchasing one

We’ve always believed that purchasing something that we need to use is always better than to hire one. However, what we fail to take into consideration is the duration of time we’ll need the product. Have you ever thought of hiring a mattress for guests staying at your house rather than going out to buy it? If your answer is no, then it’s high time you take hiring into consideration for once. You’ll find there are lots of benefits that you’ll obtain by doing this. The top benefits of hiring a mattress include:

1.  For Health Benefits

Back pains can be rather stubborn and discomforting. Your regular mattress may not help you much in dealing with the pain. Since the back pain can be relieved in a short period of time by sleeping in a specialised mattress, it’d be a great idea to hire one rather than purchasing one. This is because when the mattress you have hired starts to feel uncomfortable for you as you’ve has it over a long period of time, you can hire another one this is a much more cost-effective way rather than going to buy a new mattress. So, what’s the smart thing to do? Of course, it’d be wiser to hire the mattress for the time period to help you deal with the pain before you get back to your regular mattress or even keeping the hired mattress for longer.

2.  No Repair Costs Incurred

If you buy your own mattress, you’ll have to incur the costs of repair in case it breaks once the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. However, if the mattress is hired, the company that rented it out to you will simply replace it without any charges on your end. Furthermore, if you have your own mattress, it will have to take time before it’s repaired for you to resume using it. This isn’t the case with a hired mattress as it will be quickly assessed and replaced within a short period of time.

woman touching mattress

3.  No High Capital Outlay

Lack of high capital outlay is one of the benefits of hiring a quality mattress than buying one. You can decide to hire a mattress for a specific period for which you’ll have to spend much lower than what you’d have to spend if you’re to buy it. This means that if your budget still can’t accommodate a new mattress but you’re in need of one, you can hire it and use it for the period. The cost of hiring it for a short while will be a small fraction of the price if you were to purchase one.

4.  Access to High-Quality Mattresses

When you opt for hiring a mattress, you’ll often get to use those of the highest quality. If you’re to buy a mattress, you’ll probably be forced to settle for a low-quality one because it’s what you can afford. However, when hiring, the charges are affordable for most people. Thereby, you can pick those of the highest quality to serve your needs fully.

5.  It’s More Convenient

At times, hiring a mattress can be more convenient than buying one. For instance, if you need a mattress of high quality for yourself after going through a surgical procedure or for a family member for a limited period, it’d be more convenient to hire one than buying one. This way, you cut costs and minimise wastage since you can return the mattress once you’re done with


Baby cot

How to Get a Baby to Sleep in a Cot

Many parents love to co-sleep with their babies, but the time always comes when the baby needs to be transitioned into a separate room, away from their parents. However, babies often find the process of transitioning from the parents’ bed to the cot a rather difficult experience. As a result, they can’t sleep in the cot as quickly and as easily as the parents would wish. As a parent, you’ll understand that it’s not easy for them to move from your bed with the comfort that you’re next to them and be able to sleep in the cot right away. Hence, you need to take the right approach that won’t be too stressful for your baby. The following tips can work for you in a great way.

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Teen comfortable in bed

Teenagers and Sleep: Why Teens Need Their Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of everyone’s life. To every human being, sleep is the vital time for the brain to rest and for your body to heal. Therefore, sleep has everything to do with the well-being of every person. Without sleeping well, your quality of life will be substantially lowered to the extent that you won’t be able to operate to the expected standards of living. Teenagers, generally have a slightly different sleeping pattern from adults. However, sleep is vital for their growth. The golden rule is that every teenager needs to sleep for around 8 to 10 hours every single day. Anything less than this duration leads to problems in the overall life of a teenager. Here are the main reasons why teens need their sleep so much: Continue reading Teenagers and Sleep: Why Teens Need Their Sleep

Guy sleeping with a cat

Why Do We Need Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important physiological functions we have. Not getting enough good, quality sleep can make you feel sick in many ways. This article will talk about why we need sleep regardless of our age, occupation, and state of health. Also to be discussed here is the important role of beds for both the quantity and quality of sleep we get. Continue reading Why Do We Need Sleep

clean mattress

Tips for Keeping Your Mattress Clean and Germ-Free

Cleaning your bed keeps it free from stains, odours, moulds, and dust mites, including disease-causing bacteria and viruses. You just need two things in dealing with them: vinegar and baking soda.

How to Clean a Mattress with Baking Soda and Vinegar

  1. Strip off the bedding and cushion covers and wash them carefully using hot water to kill dust mites. While soaking them in warm water, add ½ to 1 cup of vinegar to soften the sheets and remove bad odours.
  2. Baking soda is a powerful deodorizing agent for your bed. Sprinkling baking soda over your bed and leaving it on for more than 30 minutes will remove bad odours. After that, use the upholstery attachment available on your vacuum to remove the sprinkled baking soda.

baking soda and vinegar

How to Clean a Mattress Stain

When removing stains, always use a small amount of liquid cleaning solution to keep your bed’s interior padding dry. Excessive moisture may damage the timber inside the bed and cause mildew and mould growth. Likewise, you should clean the stain as fast as you can. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the excess liquids. Blot the stains and apply pressure to remove them completely.

Upholstery cleaners are suitable for most stains. Check the label and follow the given instructions carefully. Again, make sure you use the solution at the smallest amount possible to avoid oversaturating your bed.

You can also use natural cleaning agents in removing tough stains. Spray the vinegar all over and sprinkle the baking soda afterwards. Let the mixture bubble and cover the bed with a towel for one to two hours. Use the vacuum nozzle to remove the excess baking soda.dirt stains on mattress

How to Treat Bloodstains

You can use 3% hydrogen peroxide for bloodstains but check first your bedding for colourfastness. Hydrogen peroxide can act as a bleaching solution which may harm fabrics. You can either spray it when treating a bigger area or apply it on cotton buds for smaller spots to clean.

Blot the stains with a white cloth. Allow the solution to sit for another five to 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Blot the treated part to dry, and repeat the procedure if necessary.

How to Remove Urine Stains and Odorus

For urine, you can blot the excess liquid with a towel. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can spray the mixture or use a cloth dipped in this solution to treat tough stains like urine. Leave it there for 24 hours and wipe or vacuum the excess baking soda. Repeat the procedure for the lingering odours. You can also blot the spot with fabric moistened with vinegar.

A plastic bed bag can help in treating odours on your bed. Sprinkle baking soda all over, put the cushion in the plastic bag, and keep it sealed for one to two days. On the third day, take the cushion out of the bag and vacuum it.

Baking soda and vinegar are two affordable home remedies that can effectively remove tough stains and unpleasant odours on your mattress. Follow the steps given above and be amazed at the results.

baby sleeping in bed

When to move your young one from cot to bed

Moving from a baby cot to the bed is a huge transition for all children. It makes them feel that they’ve grown and now ready to sleep in a bed just like the older folks do!

The big question is when to make this transition for your child.

There’s no specific right age or time for this to be done, taking into consideration that each child is unique. But a toddler will commonly make the transition from cot to bed between around 18 months and three years old.

Since every child is unique, however, this can make it inappropriate to take a universal age at which you transition your children from the baby cot to bed. However, there are certain guidelines that can help inform your decision.


How to know it’s the right time


Setting some age or time to move your child from his/ her baby cot is not the right way to go if you want them to be happy. The following signs can really be helpful in making the decision to move them to the bed:

1. The child has outgrown the cot

When you notice that your child has clearly outgrown the cot, it would be the right time to make the move. One of the things to look for when you want to make this decision is when he’s not able to lie in the cot straight. Also, if he hits himself on the sides of the cot often when he moves, it’s a sign that his size is now bigger and needs to be moved to the bed.

baby smiling in cot

2. He’s able to climb out of the cot

Babies are quite explorative. They will always attempt to climb out of the cot and give everything they’ve got to manage.

Your toddler’s main aim here is to see if they can get out and play while everyone else is asleep! However, this is quite a task for them and they won’t be successful until they get to be able to coordinate their moves and have enough effort. This will only be possible when they attain the age of one year. So, if you realize they are able to do this, consider the transition.

3. When there’s another baby who needs the cot

Moving a baby from the cot to the bed may be necessitated if the former is required for use by another baby. Moving the older lad to the bed will create room for you to be able to use the baby cot for the younger family member. However, in such a case, the older baby must be given a smooth transition. Ensure that they are comfortable with their new place of sleeping. This should not be less than two weeks before the new baby is brought.

Preparation for the Move

To successfully move the baby, you should ensure the process is as easy as possible for the baby and yourself. They most likely won’t be able to quickly adjust to the environmental changes involved and it can be difficult and confusing for them. To get them excited about the move, the following tricks can help:

• Talk to them about it and promise them how exciting it’s going to be sleeping in a bigger bed.

• Give them a choice by taking them to shop for their preferred bed in case they resist the idea of moving.

• Place the new bed in the same room with the baby cot if the baby wouldn’t like to change the environment.

• If you’re moving the toddler as a result of another baby, do it in a way that they won’t think of the new baby as one who has come to take their place.

• Make the new bed as close in structure to the cot as possible by using the same things such as sheet colours and pillows.

The advice given here will go a long way in ensuring that your child transitions as smoothly as possible to the bed from the cot. This way, they’ll believe it’s only natural that they get to move to a new bed.