How Hiring Beds Can Be a Greener Choice for Hotels

Published on 28 November 2023

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More and more hotels are catching on to the idea of going green, and one innovative way to do this is by renting beds instead of buying them outright. It might sound surprising, but this switch isn’t just about saving money; it’s a smart move for the planet too. Renting beds can make hotels eco-friendlier, reducing waste, saving resources and keeping your comfy hotel bed experience kinder to the environment. 

Hotels generate a staggering amount of waste annually and the environmental toll of scrapping old furniture, including bedding, is huge. From the initial manufacturing stage, which demands significant raw materials and energy, to the transportation of these bulky items, the ecological footprint starts to accumulate. When beds reach the end of their service life, the disposal process adds to this impact, often involving landfill and even more energy consumption. 

The concept of a circular economy offers a refreshing alternative. Rather than the traditional linear model of “make, use, dispose,” a circular economy emphasises a closed-loop system. This includes extending the lifespan of products like beds through refurbishment, reusing materials and minimising waste. Here’s where bed hire for hospitality steps in as a game-changer for hotels aiming to align with these circular principles. Hired beds can be returned, refurbished and put back into service. 

By opting for a circular approach through bed hire, hotels not only reduce waste but also position themselves at the forefront of sustainable practices in the hospitality industry. It’s a small shift that holds the potential for significant environmental benefits.

Benefits of Hiring Beds for Hotels

As hotels are now opting to rent beds instead of buying brand-new ones it’s a fantastic move for the planet and the industry. Traditional bed-making involves a hefty carbon footprint – from extracting materials to shipping those heavy frames. Renting beds means hotels can skip a big chunk of that process, reducing the pollution caused by making new beds. It’s a small switch that makes a great impact, helping to combat climate change by cutting down on the greenhouse gases produced during manufacturing.

When hotels throw out old beds when they’re doing upgrades, it’s not great for the environment. Extra waste going into landfill and wasted resources and raw materials all have a big impact. But when hotels rent beds, these retired beds get a second chance at life. They can be fixed up and used again, or their materials can be recycled. It’s a win-win – less waste clogging up landfills and giving furniture a green makeover. So by renting beds for your hotel you’re supporting a smarter, more eco-friendly way of doing things. 

Space Efficiency and Storage Solutions

Choosing bed hire for hospitality isn’t just about sustainability; it’s also a smart move for optimising space in hotels. Spare beds and mattresses use up lots of storage space, but are essential for handling fluctuations in occupancy or periodic renovations. However, with bed hire, hotels can dynamically adapt their inventory based on their current needs. This flexibility allows for a more efficient use of available space, freeing up rooms that might have otherwise been designated for storage. As a result, hotels can maximise their usable space, potentially increasing revenue by having more rooms available for guests rather than dedicated storage areas.

By reducing the need for extensive storage, hotels not only save on operational costs but also cut down on energy use. Less storage space to heat and maintain means lower energy bills! Additionally, by avoiding the construction of extra storage spaces, hotels contribute to energy savings and reduce their overall environmental footprint. It’s a strategic and sustainable hospitality approach that benefits both the hotel’s bottom line and the planet. 

Quality and Maintenance

Bed hire companies are on a mission to redefine the longevity and quality of the beds they provide to hotels. Their commitment begins with a meticulous focus on crafting beds using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Rigorous testing ensures that these beds meet stringent standards of comfort, stability and resilience. By prioritising durability, bed hire companies aim to offer hotels products that not only guarantee a satisfying guest experience but also significantly reduce the frequency of bed disposal and replacement.

To extend the life of hire beds even further, bed hire companies have regular maintenance programs. These involve thorough inspections, repairs and refurbishments, sorting out any wear and tear and giving the beds the longest possible life. Additionally, Bed Hire recognises the importance of adaptability as hotel refurbishments happen more frequently. Instead of opting for full replacements, hotels can choose style upgrades or replace specific components, such as mattresses or frames, while keeping the overall bed structure. This not only caters to evolving design choices but also aligns with sustainable practices. This all demonstrates your hotel’s commitment to minimising waste and maximising the lifespan of your products.

Get in touch with Bed Hire

We’re not just offering beds; we’re delivering a comprehensive solution that prioritises top-notch quality and long-lasting comfort. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability – our maintenance programs are designed to extend the lifespan of our beds, reducing the frequency of replacements and minimising environmental impact. Plus, our flexibility in style upgrades allows your hotel to stay on-trend without a full overhaul. 

With nearly 15 years as a trusted bed supplier, Bed Hire has provided the best service to some of the top hotels and leaders in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with Bed Hire to see how your hotel can both be greener and make savings by hiring beds

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