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Why Hotels Hire Extra Beds

Hotel bed hire is a great way to fulfill all of your guests’ needs and fill up your hotel to capacity more easily. Adding extra beds to rooms could cater for families with children or larger groups of guests who might otherwise have had to find an alternative.

Bed Hire

Reasons Hotels Hire Beds

There are lots of reasons why bed hire is a great option for your hotel to bring in a little extra money and provide the best customer service.

Meets Guests Needs

Some guests may require additional sleeping arrangements depending on the group that they’re staying in. For example, a group with children may require additional bedspace in the room which isn’t normally there.

Sometimes folding bed hire means that you can easily move a bed in and out of the space when required and convert the room back into a standard double when it isn’t.

Storage Capacity

If you know that you’ll need extra bedding at certain times of the year to cope with increased demand on your hotel, you might want to introduce extra beds to make more money. However, as these beds aren’t needed all year round and may make the rooms look untidy, you may want to move them out of the rooms when they aren’t required.

If you buy your own beds, it can then be difficult to find storage space for them throughout the months that they aren’t needed and it’s not practical to buy beds for 6 months and sell them on.

Folding bed hire is a great solution. The beds fold up to be easily stored away and can be delivered to your door when you need them and remove when you don’t. This means that you aren’t responsible for storing them year-round.


Bed hire is more cost effective than owning and storage these additional items on the rarer occasion of needing to increase the occupancy of a room.


If you buy a new bed and it gets damaged, either by a guest or a staff member when moving, then you will be required to fork out for a whole new bed. Health and safety guidelines often state that beds need to be replaced instead of fixed, in case it becomes a danger to a guest in the future.

However, bed hire is a great solution as they normally come with a small insurance payment when you hire. This means that you aren’t responsible for any damage and your insurance will pay for any issues, saving you time, hassle and money.

How To Increase Hotel Capacities During Summer with Bed Hire

Over the past couple of years, the country has largely shut down, meaning that hotels and guesthouses weren’t able to open for guests or had fewer than normal. However, now that the world is beginning to open up, hotels are expecting an influx of holidaymakers and tourists, which could present an issue with capacity.

Hotel Image

Hotel Capacities During Summer

Because groups are now able to meet in public, larger events at Hyde Park, festivals, and Wembley are now opening back up for the summer. This, along with all of the other attractions in London, such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, or the museum of natural history, will inevitably be a big pull for tourists. 

While the extra tourism is excellent for boosting the economy back up again, all these people visiting the city will need somewhere to stay. This means that hotels, guesthouses, and hostels will need to find extra beds to fill their hotels back to capacity again. It’s a terrific opportunity for the hotel business to make a little extra money. However, there’s the issue of adding these extra beds without causing massive disruption to service.

How Can Bed Hire Accommodate Your Bed Shortages?

Hiring folding beds can help to open your hotel to more guests and fill your rooms, without having to expand or break the bank. There are also lots of benefits of using folding beds to accommodate more guests.

Storage Space

It’s unlikely that you will need to convert all of your rooms to family rooms all year round. So when your hotel is booked for couples or twin rooms, you might want to remove some of the extra beds to create more space for your guests. The problem is, beds are big and are difficult to move, so they can take up a lot of storage space. Folding beds easily fold down and can be moved quickly out of a bedroom, taking up minimal storage space.

Family Rooms

Foldable bed hire means that you can turn double or twin rooms into family rooms in no time, accommodating more guests and allowing you to fill more rooms to increase profits.

Fast Turnaround

At Bed Hire, our team provides a fast turnaround service, so you can have beds delivered to you in an emergency. You can also call and have your extra beds removed within 24 hours, making it a quick and convenient service with no hassle. 


Beds are expensive. You can hire a foldable bed to use at the times that you need it, for a fraction of the cost of a permanent bed. You also avoid any of the repair issues as this is all dealt with by your hire company too. 

Folding Bed Rentals

Bed Hire is a West London-based company that specialises in fast and efficient folding bed delivery to meet all your needs. Our customer care team can provide recommendations on quantities and manoeuvrability. We can also arrange to collect the beds as soon as you’re finished to save on wasted space. If you need a fast turnaround bed hire service, call us on 2028 933 8888 or visit our contact page to enquire further.


Why Should Hotels Use Foldable Bed Rentals?

If you are experienced in the hospitality industry and are an established hotel company, you should know that folding beds are an essential asset to any hotel. 

When converting a standard double room into a family-sized room, folding beds present an affordable solution to accommodate a larger family. Transporting standard beds around the hotel can be tricky due to their sheer size.

Manoeuvring standard beds through lifts can be troublesome and time-consuming. Opting for a foldable bed will allow your staff to easily move them from one room to another and store them without taking up excess room. 

Storage is something to take into consideration. Storing full-sized beds can take up a considerable amount of room, even storing foldable beds can present a problem. Folding bed rentals allow you to easily meet the requirements of your guests and then return them to the provider.

In London, the demand for hotels is always high, using a bed hire company will allow you to maximise your profits by accommodating more guests. During festive periods having plenty of beds will ensure you are optimising your profits. 

Many companies have opted for sofa beds to convert a standard double room. However, these beds aren’t easy to transport either and their level of comfort is outclassed by a foldable bed. Most sofa beds will not fold down and storing them can be just as difficult and take up as much space as a standard bed. 

Why Are Foldable Beds Ideal?

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons you should consider folding bed rental and why their folding beds present great benefits. 


When the high demand for rooms has died down, you will be left with a surplus of beds, and these need to be stored somewhere. Unfortunately, not every hotel has an unlimited supply of storage so they will take up too much room. Foldable rented beds can easily be returned to the supplier once used.

Transporting The Bed

Your staff will thank you when they move foldable beds in comparison to static beds. They are easy to put up and just as easy to put down. They can then quickly be moved to the next room without too much hassle. Unfortunately, standard beds can be difficult to manoeuvre through lifts and doorways.


Foldable beds are more hygienic than normal beds as they are cleaned by the rental company and kept in pristine condition. Standard beds, whilst cleaned regularly by housekeeping staff will have been used far more often than a rented foldable bed. 

Bed Hire

Whatever your bed hire requirements are, our team at Bedhire offers a wide range of high-quality foldable beds. If you’re looking for a short-term rental, we will ensure you have everything you need to welcome those extra guests. 

For convenience, we will deliver and collect the beds from your premises once you have no further use for them. Based in West London, we pride ourselves on helping local hotel companies ensure their customer service remains excellent. Get in touch by calling 0208 933 8888 or visit our contact page today.

Tourism Seasonality in London


When Are the Peak Seasons for Tourism in London?

If you’re a Londoner, you’ll know the city is busy all year round, but Christmas is when the number of tourists is seemingly endless. Like anywhere in the world, London is busy during the warmer months when kids are off school and families can visit some of the most iconic places in the UK. However, during the festive period, when winter wonderland events are running and shops are showcasing their Christmas wares.

If you run a hotel in London, during the peak tourism months, you want to provide the best service possible while maximising your profits. With high-quality bed hire, your hotel can expand capacity and still offer comfortable sleeping arrangements for all your customers. When Christmas rolls around again, don’t get short and have to turn away bookings. Use bed hire services to secure more business and move ahead of your competitors. 

Winter Wonderland 2021

How to Maximise Your Intake During These Times

It’s well known that London is more expensive than the rest of the UK. Hotel rooms are no exception and according to, the average room rate in 2016 was £172.57. During peak times, London sees far more tourists and the demand for hotel rooms is much higher than the rest of the year. Hotels are generally fully booked before the peak season is even in full swing. Whether it’s couples looking for a romantic seasonal getaway or businesses booking in their Christmas party accommodation, with the right planning, hotels can dramatically increase their revenue during December.

Hotels could make far more profit during these times by ensuring that they are focusing on offering family rooms to larger groups. Larger rooms cost more to rent out for the night for potential customers. Hotels that are only focusing on single bookings can lose out on additional funds due to the rooms only being occupied by two people.

Hyde Park Summer Festival

How Can Bed Hire Help?

Because the demand for a hotel room is not always booming outside the busiest periods, having extra beds hanging around can become a huge storage issue. Sometimes you just need the beds for a specific period so you can accommodate the extra traffic coming through your hotel.

Folding bed rentals are an excellent way to be able to take on more bookings from customers during the festive period. Here at Bed Hire, we specialise in providing your hotel with temporary beds that you can return when you do not need them anymore.

At Bed Hire, we provide folding beds, cot hire, and more! We can supply the beds to you well in advance, so don’t stress about not having enough beds during the busy tourist periods, our team can help.

Our folding beds are available at affordable prices starting from £27.50 per night. Once you do not need these beds, we will arrange a collection at a convenient time for you. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us or give us a call on 02089 338888. 

London Hotel Capacities During Christmas

There is always plenty to do in London, even if it isn’t Christmas. However, during the Christmas period, the events are spectacular, and attract large crowds. Hotels will often struggle to accommodate everyone due to the sheer amount of people that are visiting. 

Let’s take a look at how folding bed hire can benefit your hotel this Christmas and allow you to get more guests through your doors.

London Hotel Capacities During Christmas

Hotels in London should expect to see a large increase in customers in 2021. A lot is happening in terms of events this year and people are excited to participate in live events following the last 18 months. Here are some events we’re expecting to be popular heading into Christmas this year.

Hogwarts In The Snow

Hogwarts In The Snow, for all the Harry Potter fans. Due to the popularity of this franchise, it is sure to pull in plenty of visitors. Winter has arrived at Hogwarts, with true festive additions. 

Christmas Lights Bus Tour

There is also the Christmas lights bus tour. Aiming to be a more and more brilliant event every year, the tours let people see the capital sparkle with the iconic Christmas lights.

Christmas Tours and The London Christmas Market

As always, London offers a fantastic Christmas Market which will be as busy as ever. There are tons of food stalls and gifts to buy for the whole family. Expert guides are offering tours around the city to attract more tourists as well.

Hospitality Pressure

Given that the above is just a small taste of what London has to offer this Christmas, hotels may struggle to accommodate the increased number of guests. Some hotels will need a surplus of beds during the holiday period to book in large groups. The standard number of beds that a hotel offers will often not be sufficient around this time of year. 

How Can Bed Hire Accommodate for Your Bed Shortages

As a hospitality company, buying bulky items is something that needs to be carefully thought through. Beds are one of these items; it can be difficult to find the extra space for storage as well as the increased monetary strain it may put on the business.

You could consider buying a few folding beds, but these will take up a lot of storage space when they aren’t needed all year round. Bed hire is a brilliant way to accommodate the extra traffic during the festive period, as you can just send them back when you’re done, and it’ll cost less than buying all new beds outright that you can’t accommodate for the remainder of the year. 

Here at Bed Hire, we offer a fast, convenient service to all our customers. We specialise in folding bed rentals and can get them to you when you need them most. We have thousands of beds that can be delivered at a moment’s notice, and we’ll arrange a collection when you are finished. 

Using our bed hire service can help you convert your double rooms into family rooms by offering additional sleeping solutions, meaning your guests can make the most of their family Christmas at your establishment. You can take on more reservations as you will have extra temporary beds for the busy festive period. 

Solve Your Needs with Bed Hire Today!

With a super-fast next delivery service on our beds, we can supply the Greater London area in no time at all. We are based in Harrow and offer a tailored service to all our customers. 

Get in touch to discuss what you need during this holiday period. London is expected to be extremely busy, and we can help your business make it fantastic for your customers this year.

Call us on 0208 933 8888 or contact us to check availability. 

Do You Need a Temporary Bed for A One-Time Event?

You Do Not Need to Buy a New Bed, Try Bed Hire

Depending on the size of your home, if you have visitors staying, you may not have the space to keep a spare bed. However, not everyone fancies sleeping on the floor or the sofa. Bed hire can be a solution to this to ensure you aren’t left with a bed that is only used once or twice ever.

Some situations that might require bed hire are:

●       Parents visiting

●       Friends stopping over

●       Weddings

●       Funerals

●       Your children’s sleepovers 

Most beds that you purchase are completely non-refundable after you’ve used them. There is also the problem that most stores in the UK will not allow you to return a mattress if it has been used due to hygiene reasons. Some may allow you to exchange it, but it can be difficult depending on the usage.

Bed hire can solve this problem as you have the convenience of returning the bed once it’s served its purpose. Bed hire is affordable and convenient, and you can expect to pay around £12 a month for the bed frame itself. 

Just Because You Can Afford a Foldable Bed Doesn’t Mean You Need to Buy One

A foldable bed can seem appealing because of the ability to quickly put it down and back up. Unfortunately, there are still some drawbacks to this option. A decent foldable bed is still going to cost you around £50 for a comfortable setup for your visitors. 

In addition to this, most homes, such as two-bed properties, especially in London don’t have storage space for something this size. Even if you do have room for it, it doesn’t mean you want to use up your limited storage space.

You could in theory spend less on a foldable bed, but this will reduce the quality and there’s a good chance that it will break or not be suitable when it arrives. A bulky foldable bed can easily take up the majority of your spare room or your downstairs space.

Solve Your Needs with Bed Hire Today!

For the past 15 years, our team at Bed Hire has been able to supply many customers with hire beds to suit their needs. We have some high-profile customers that are consistently satisfied with their level of customer service.

If you are local to London, make us your go-to bed hire specialist. We have a range of high-quality folding beds for hire as well as cot hire. Some of the available beds are used in busy locations such as hotels to keep costs down.

Be space aware in your home and consider hiring a bed from us rather than buying an extra bed as a short-term solution. Save space, money, and time by benefiting from bed hire. Give us a call on 0208 933 8888 to discuss the purpose of your bed hire or fill in an enquiry form and we will ensure your needs are catered for.

nursery cribs

Cot Hire for New Parents | The Beginners Big Benefits

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If you’re new to parenting, the costs of all the equipment and clothing could be very expensive, and cot hire could save you money at the start of your journey. Instead of researching the best cot for your family yourself, you can ask a professional. At the cot hire company, the staff will help you find the perfect cot that’s safe, convenient, and comfortable for your baby.

There are so many benefits to cot hire for new parents, let’s explore why you should hire a cot rather than buying one.

baby cot in nursery
our top of the range cots to hire

Cost-Effective Cot Hire

Cot hire is an affordable way to begin your path as a parent. Hiring a cot is much more affordable than buying a brand-new cot. The money you save you can spend on those all-important baby outfits, food, and accessories – not to mention rent and utility bills.

Baby cot hire is an amazingly practical idea because we all know that children grow so fast. If you’ve paid a hefty price for your cot, it’s likely it won’t be needed for very long. After a while, it’s just money down the drain.

Space Saving

Not only is a cot expensive, but it’s also usually quite a large item and takes up a lot of room in your home. Having the option of renting a cot can save you the inconvenience of having to sell the item or store it once your child grows up.

Baby Safety

You can also be sure that when you opt for baby cot hire, your baby is going to be safe. Your hire company will supply a cot that has been tested to ensure it’s reliable, secure, and sturdy. You can have peace of mind that your child is not only sleeping soundly in their comfy cot but is safe too.

Hiring a Cot From Bed Hire

A safe, high-quality cot will be made from durable materials, have all the relevant safety catches, and drop-down sides for easy access. Convenience is essential as a cot that isn’t easily accessible will not only endanger your children but will also make parenting much harder.

A cot hire specialist will be able to talk to you about getting a mattress that can accompany your cot because comfort is equally important. A good cot is not just about sleeping through the night though. It’s also somewhere in the day that your baby can rest and enjoy.


Cot hire is a great way of reducing the initial start-up expenses for new parents. The cost of food, nappies, and those standard bills everyone is a significant outlay. The ideal solution is cot hire as it not only saves you money but offers added convenience too.

You can choose short-term or long-term hire depending on your requirements. Whatever your needs, Bed Hire has the supply and experience to support you as a new parent, contact us directly via the contact form for your quick quote or call us directly on 02089 338888 to speak to one of our exceptional staff members to get the hiring process underway.

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Furnishing Rental Houses With Bed Hire

Bed hire is an excellent, flexible option for landlords to offer furnishings in their properties. Unfortunately, the option of hire for large purchases such as beds is often overlooked. There are however plenty of great benefits associated with bed hire, particularly as short-term tenants come and go – and all have different requirements.

Bed hire will allow you to be flexible around your tenant’s own needs and may even save you money in the long run if you rent out a fully furnished rental house. This mini-guide explores why.

Last-minute tenants

Tenants sometimes need to move in quickly, and the short notice can leave you struggling to get the property furnished in time for their arrival. This is particularly due to the lengthy delivery lead times that are typically associated with larger items such as beds. 

This issue is easily alleviated with bed hire as the fast delivery options offered will ensure you do not miss a single day of the tenancy. You will therefore avoid any revenue losses caused by the gap between tenants wanting to move in and you have to furnish your property.

Repairs and replacement

At the end of a tenancy, you may find that some of the beds you initially provided aren’t in the best condition anymore This could put off potential tenants and lead to difficulties finding new tenants quickly. However, hired beds are assessed and replaced quickly to ensure you do not lose any time or revenue. 

What’s more, you will avoid the potentially hefty costs of repair and replacement of damaged beds. It’s important to note that as your tenants do not own the furnishings provided, they may not be as careful with them. Protecting yourself against potential costs and lost time is therefore crucial for furnished properties.

Attracting new tenants

As mentioned above, the quick replacement and repairs of damaged beds may attract new tenants more quickly. Additionally, you will be able to attract new tenants by providing high-quality beds and mattresses without the expensive cost. The quality of furnishings can make all the difference when trying to find new occupants. 


Offering a furnished property can be very appealing to tenants. However, not everyone has the same needs and some tenants may already have their beds. Bed hire will make sure you do not waste time and money storing away beds that you had originally purchased. The time it takes to arrange removal and storage can once again lead to missed tenancy days and revenue. Not to mention that storage costs can add up long-term.

The Takeaway

If you are a landlord offering furnished accommodation, bed hire constitutes an excellent option to alleviate certain stresses such as getting a property ready for new tenants promptly. While buying furniture is a lengthy process with long delivery times, bed hire is a quick and flexible alternative. Bed hire can save you a considerable amount of money by avoiding costs such as storage, removals, repairs, and replacements.

For our bed hire services contact BedHire at 02089 338888 or contact us directly. 

double bedroom hotel bed hire

Turning A Double Room Into A Family Room Through A Bed Hire Service

Because the UK restrictions associated with Covid-19 are coming to an end, tourism is beginning to boom again. While traveling abroad still presents some difficulties, an increasing number of families are heading to London for some quality family time and to enjoy the amazing city. As family tourism increases, venues need to understand family requirements and adapt to attract more visitors. Hotel venues can capitalise on this new surge of family tourism by catering for families and ensuring they provide facilities that are convenient and appealing to them. This starts with providing rooms that can accommodate a whole family. The idea may seem costly at first, however, industry solutions such as bed hire can help while increasing profits long term.

double bedroom hotel bed hire

Catering For Family Tourism

Hotels tend to lack availability when it comes to family rooms. Double rooms are typically the most widely available type of room, but they fail to cater to many families’ needs. As families are looking for holiday venues, there is no better time than now to consider their needs and add more family rooms to take advantage of this surge in tourism.

Fortunately, it’s easy to turn a double room into a family room. Thanks to bed hiring services, your cash flow does not have to suffer from the costs of buying a bed outright. You will also have the flexibility of turning double rooms into a family room at short notice with next-day bed hire delivery. At Bed Hire, the facilities we offer are convenient and appealing to families, and will allow you to turn your double rooms into family rooms without using too much space. Choosing bed hire also means you can increase and decrease the number of extra beds you need depending on which guests have booked rooms.

Increasing Your Turnover

The price of a family room is on average double the price of a double room. This means that you can potentially double your profits by hiring beds to cater to families. Additionally, you will get the added business of families, who are typically reluctant to book two double rooms instead of a family room. 

Not only can you double your turnover for the same space, but you will also benefit from added income as more guests will use your facilities such as guest services, bars, and restaurants. Accommodating for more guests helps make your hotel profitable in more than one way and delivers a much-needed post-pandemic cash injection.If this blog has helped you and you would now like to maximiSE your double room’s turnover through our bed hire service please contact us today.

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Post-Corona Staycations & Maximum Bed Capacity In London Hotels

The last couple of years have been difficult for all of us. We’ve all had to deal with being locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s left everyone even more hungry than normal for a holiday and some time to get out of the 4 walls of their home that have become the norm.

However, with the restrictions for travel still leaving our options for holidays a little limited, people are flocking to UK destinations to satisfy their need to get out and do something different.

London Travel

London is one of the most popular destinations due to its vibrant atmosphere, world-famous tourist attractions, and delicious eateries. It has around 30 million visitors travelling there each year. These tourists, as well as the millions of Londoners living there all year round, can make London a busy and bustling city full of people.

London is one of the best city breaks to experience a little bit of culture, even if it is on our doorstep. However, its popularity means that it can be difficult to find the perfect place to stay. Hotels book up months in advance, holiday-makers need to ensure they’re organised and book as soon as possible.

london view

How Can London Hotels Cope With The Higher Demand?

The peak season is always a struggle for hotels in London as they try to keep up with the demands of their hotel and turn over rooms as quickly as possible for new guests.

The Solution

Bed hire can be a blessing for hotels during busy times to help them cater to more guests. Let’s explore some of the biggest benefits high-quality bed hire offers London hotels:

●   Increased Profits

Having the ability to pull extra beds into rooms to meet the higher demand will allow hotel owners to get a little more money for each room on offer. Some guests will come as families that might require child’s beds in their rooms, or other travelers might want to stay in the same room as friends. Being able to fit an extra person into a large room will mean one more paid breakfast and more drinks at the hotel bar.

●   Customer Service

The ability to add in extra beds will improve guest’s experience and encourage great reviews for repeat custom. If the hotel can be flexible with beds, it can offer a much better service.

●   Higher Quality Beds

Beds are expensive and increasing flexibility within the hotel can cost a bomb. Most hotels won’t find this useful as the cost of a bed that won’t be used year-round won’t seem worth it. However, bed hire can help this problem as it’s a fraction of the cost and you only pay for the time that you’ll require the bed. Insurance is often offered on the beds too, to ensure the hotel doesn’t get a bill for any damages.

●   No Need for Storage 

Those extra beds in the hotel won’t be used all the time. Beds aren’t easy to store though and could take up a significant amount of space. Hiring beds will mean that the beds are only in the hotel when they’re required, and they can be removed when they’re not needed – which means no wasted space.

If you’re struggling with the higher demand of guests in your hotel this year – good for you! It’s a great problem to have. Hiring beds to cater to your visitors can increase your profits and create a better customer experience for your guests so they’re sure to visit again. 

For our best hiring prices contact us via our online contact form or call us at 0208 933 8888.