Enhancing Guest Experience in Boutique Hotels Through Bed Hire

Published on 29 February 2024

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Boutique hotels are well known for their distinct charm, personalised service, and attention to detail in their hospitality. More and more hotel administrators are turning towards creative solutions like bed rental services to enhance their guest experience and satisfaction. 

We’ll go over the multitude of ways bed rental services can help with a better guest experience in this detailed post. 

Understanding Hotel Guest Experience

The landscape of the hospitality industry mostly depends on the user experience and satisfaction. Guest experience is essentially the impact of every interaction the guests have with the respective Boutique or any hotel for that matter. That guest interaction may start from the moment they discover the hotel, till the moment they check out.

The guest experience lies even in the minuscule details like the ease of booking a room, a warm welcome, attending to your guest’s needs and so on. 

Importance of Guest Experience

Guest experience is such a paramount factor for a boutique hotel to consider and give attention to. The hospitality industry and many other industries thrive based on guest experiences and reviews. After all, a company or service needs happy and loyal customers to be successful. Guest experience is the happiness and satisfaction you’re providing to your guests for their feedback and loyalty. 

However, one thing the hoteliers must keep in mind is that the guest’s expectations are always evolving. Hence, you should always pay attention to what the guests expect from that particular trip. So, let’s say you receive a lovely couple as a guest, and you offer your best services to them, and they are happy. But, their expectations would be different on the second trip, especially if they did experience something better in a different hotel.

Ways to Enhance Your Hotel Guest Experience

Though boutique hotels stand apart from other big chain hotels, it is still safer to pay attention to what the guests are expecting. Here is the list of ways you can enhance the guest experience at your boutique hotel. 

Personalised Service

One thing the guest loves the most is when they are treated with special attention. Customisation and personalisation are one way you can achieve that. As we’ve established every traveller and guest has unique needs and preferences, from the type of food, and valet parking, to the type of bed and mattress. 

Understand what your guest needs. Even a small customisation like a suitable bed and mattress for the respective guest could enhance your hotel’s image with them. This tailored approach almost definitely enhances the guest’s comfort and also demonstrates a commitment to your guest’s needs.

Comfort In the Stay

At the end of the day, guests remember the core purpose of staying in a hotel. Hence, ensure your guests are provided with what they are looking for. It could be essential services such as the ambience of the room, room delivery service, warm welcome while checking in, and ensuring the guest has no complaint, yet be open for suggestions. Providing your guests with a comfortable environment will go a long way. 

Special Amenities

As mentioned earlier, guests are not just looking for a room to stay and a bed to sleep in anymore. Each guest appears at the hotel with different expectations, especially if your hotel is known to the commoners through word of mouth. Hence, some features the hotel offers could be considered the bare minimum by the guest.

So, the hoteliers can ensure a good or even great guest experience if they consider including certain amenities like a co-working area, swimming pool, and even a bit of an upgrade on the technological side like employing smart TVs, smart home system, that could make the guest feel at home. 

Events and Activities

Another way of improving the guest experience is to organise fun events and activities. Making the guests and users have fun, and relax will improve their mood, and with that hoteliers can earn brownie points. It can be any event or activity like an engaging game. It could be a treasure hunt, quiz night or other engaging events like live music, stand-up comedy or even setting up a dance floor.

An bed in a boutique hotel room

How Bed Hire Can Help Your Hotel

Bed Hire London can be a great opportunity for Boutique hotels to enhance their guest experiences by providing personalised beds, cots, and high chairs depending on the guest’s needs. With a variety of bed styles and mattresses, the hotel can rent beds, which we’ll deliver and remove at your convenience. Contact Bed Hire today, to learn more about our services. 

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