Bed Hire for Your BnB

Published on 29 June 2023

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In the summer months people all over the country pack their bags and take a holiday. This extra business is great news for hotels, guesthouses and BnBs – but only if you have the beds to support the extra people. If you don’t have those extra beds it can lead to disappointment for your guests and loss of valuable income during the busy season. That’s where bed hire comes in!

Benefits of Hiring Beds for Your BnB

Some BnBs might not want to house that many beds all year round, or may not even have the space. If that’s the case, bed hire has a multitude of benefits and it’s a quick, easy and convenient process. 

Bed Hire Helps With Cost savings 

Bed hire can save on costs, especially if you usually have a busy season where you only need the extra beds for half of the year. It allows you to add the extra beds at the times that you need them for a fraction of the cost of buying your own and means that you don’t need to store them when you don’t need them. 

High-Quality Beds

Beds age quickly. In BnBs and hotels, there are lots of people staying in the same bed each month, meaning they get tired and worn out easily. 

With Bed hire London you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality beds all year round. The beds are well maintained and cared for and will look brand new when you receive them. It’s like getting a brand new bed every time you hire without the huge expense. That’s a benefit that your guests will definitely appreciate.  

BnB Bed

Bed Hire Means Convenience 

Beds are large and heavy and it can be a lot of hassle to collect them and move them into your BnB, especially if you have narrow stairways or difficult door ways to manoeuvre around. 

With bed hire, the furniture hire company will deliver the beds for you when you need them and collect them on a convenient day for you, saving you a lot of stress on an already busy working day.  

How to Find a Reputable Bed Hire Company

Bed hire is a great idea whichever way you look at it, but it’s important to find a furniture rental company that you can trust. Your guests deserve the best beds, so do you research. 

Here are a few things to look out for when searching for the best furniture hire company:

Quick and Simple Bed Hire With Bed Hire

Bed Hire London offers a quick and simple solution for BnB owners to fill up their rooms during busy periods. 
We offer a variety of bed styles which we’ll deliver and remove at your convenience. Offer your guests the best service and make the most of the busy season by contacting Bed Hire today.

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