How To Create A Guest Room for Christmas

Published on 31 December 2020

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Christmas time is not far away at all and you may be considering getting a room ready for a potential guest. The government guidance allows three households to ‘bubble’ and meets indoors as well as stay overnight. So if you’ve arranged for a guest to stay this Christmas, it’s time to prepare your guest room.

In this blog, you’ll find some handy tips to help you do so. 

Guests staying at Christmas time

Guest Beds

Once you have decided on some attractive decor, furnishings, and bed linen, you might want to think about the bed situation or perhaps realistically that should be done first! After all, your guests need somewhere to sleep!

So if you don’t already have a spare bed you’ll need to think of a suitable one to hire. As it is only going to be used occasionally for guests, you likely do not want to spend a lot of money doing so due to the guests only staying for a short time.

Folding Bed

Now, there is a solid chance that your spare room, which your guest would be using, is not the biggest bedroom in the house, they usually aren’t. If you can save space it’s a big help, so that your guests have enough room to be comfortable, and perhaps bring a few of their belongings with them.

And this is where folding beds present themselves as being a great idea. With a folding bed, your guests can fold it away when not in use, giving them increased space.

Another fantastic and practical benefit of a folding bed is that when you don’t have any guests staying and the bed is not in use, you can fold it away somewhere in storage.

Mattress and Bed Hire

Once you have the bed chosen you to need to purchase a mattress if you haven’t already. If you have opted for a folding bed, there is a good chance it came with a thin one that can be folded up with the bed. But with standard bed types, you’ll need a regular mattress.

But buying a mattress, especially if it’s only for occasional guest use, is expensive. Thankfully, there are mattress hire services available so you can hire a mattress just for the duration of the visitor’s stay. This should save you a considerable amount of money, and also means you are not lumbered with a mattress you have no use for throughout the year!

christmas bedroom

This idea also applies to beds. If you don’t have a bed for the guest to use, it is going to be very expensive to purchase one for them for what could be just a few days of use. Even if you buy a bed to use occasionally, like a foldable one, it’s still paying a fair amount and then you have it taking up the room (especially if it’s not a foldable one) the rest of the year. So why not hire your guest bed, too?

We hope you have a great Christmas time, enjoy having guests around and that thanks to you they enjoy their stay in your winter bedroom!

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