Furnishing Rental Houses With Bed Hire

Published on 26 August 2021

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Bed hire is an excellent, flexible option for landlords to offer furnishings in their properties. Unfortunately, the option of hire for large purchases such as beds is often overlooked. There are however plenty of great benefits associated with bed hire, particularly as short-term tenants come and go – and all have different requirements.

Bed hire will allow you to be flexible around your tenant’s own needs and may even save you money in the long run if you rent out a fully furnished rental house. This mini-guide explores why.

Last-minute tenants

Tenants sometimes need to move in quickly, and the short notice can leave you struggling to get the property furnished in time for their arrival. This is particularly due to the lengthy delivery lead times that are typically associated with larger items such as beds. 

This issue is easily alleviated with bed hire as the fast delivery options offered will ensure you do not miss a single day of the tenancy. You will therefore avoid any revenue losses caused by the gap between tenants wanting to move in and you have to furnish your property.

Repairs and replacement

At the end of a tenancy, you may find that some of the beds you initially provided aren’t in the best condition anymore This could put off potential tenants and lead to difficulties finding new tenants quickly. However, hired beds are assessed and replaced quickly to ensure you do not lose any time or revenue. 

What’s more, you will avoid the potentially hefty costs of repair and replacement of damaged beds. It’s important to note that as your tenants do not own the furnishings provided, they may not be as careful with them. Protecting yourself against potential costs and lost time is therefore crucial for furnished properties.

Attracting new tenants

As mentioned above, the quick replacement and repairs of damaged beds may attract new tenants more quickly. Additionally, you will be able to attract new tenants by providing high-quality beds and mattresses without the expensive cost. The quality of furnishings can make all the difference when trying to find new occupants. 


Offering a furnished property can be very appealing to tenants. However, not everyone has the same needs and some tenants may already have their beds. Bed hire will make sure you do not waste time and money storing away beds that you had originally purchased. The time it takes to arrange removal and storage can once again lead to missed tenancy days and revenue. Not to mention that storage costs can add up long-term.

The Takeaway

If you are a landlord offering furnished accommodation, bed hire constitutes an excellent option to alleviate certain stresses such as getting a property ready for new tenants promptly. While buying furniture is a lengthy process with long delivery times, bed hire is a quick and flexible alternative. Bed hire can save you a considerable amount of money by avoiding costs such as storage, removals, repairs, and replacements.

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