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Based in West London we are Europe’s leading foldaway bed hire company.

bed hire london

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Should I Hire High Chairs or buy Them?

Both for domestic and commercial use, hiring high chairs can be the better option over buying them outright. Sometimes this option is forgotten, which is a shame, as some benefits are well worth exploring in greater detail. Take a look at our list of benefits below.

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Why is Bed Hiring so Popular?

For all the things we can hire in this modern age, from cars and buildings to garden tools and even an array of services, beds probably wouldn’t be on most lists of rental items we think about. But, bed hire is actually a very popular option for many people and a whole host of businesses.

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Top Tips for Sleeping in the Summer

Summer is well on the way, and for many people, that is going to mean some pretty sweltering nights of sleep. Sleeping in summer can be tricky when you’re looking for heat relief as well as comfort. However, there are plenty of sleeping in hot weather hacks that you can put to the test to … Continue reading Top Tips for Sleeping in the Summer

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Need Help Sleeping During COVID-19?

COVID-19 is causing a lot of concerns for people all over the world. Many people with pre-existing anxieties are finding it harder than ever to adapt to big changes, and what’s more, sleep can be hard for many to find right now. 

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Tips for Sleeping When Stressed

These days we are more aware than ever of the importance of good sleep hygiene. However, despite knowing how important sleep is, a huge amount of people around the world are not getting enough of it. The reasons for each individual not getting enough sleep varies but a very common reason that many will state … Continue reading Tips for Sleeping When Stressed

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Hire A Cot vs Travel Cot

Travelling with a baby can create breathtaking memories but it is a challenging experience as well. This is mainly because you more than likely will need some items to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable. One of the important items that you will need while on a trip with your baby is a … Continue reading Hire A Cot vs Travel Cot

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How To Fix Your Sleeping Pattern

Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep   Most of us know by now how important sleep is. Both the amount that is right for our bodies and the quality of sleep we get each night. But many people in the modern world are suffering from bad sleeping patterns which could be affecting their mental and physical … Continue reading How To Fix Your Sleeping Pattern

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Is There Enough Room For Your Guests?

Invest In Extra Beds This Winter  Hosting your friends is amazing. But do you have enough beds for everyone to sleep comfortably? Hiring a bed is an affordable solution.This is where hiring a bed or mattress comes in.

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Temporary Need A Bed? Here’s The Solution…

Rent A Bed?   There are times when you may temporarily need some extra sleeping space. Buying beds or cots when such situations happen would not make sense if you only require them for a short time. The most practical and convenient thing to do would be to hire a bed. In this article, you … Continue reading Temporary Need A Bed? Here’s The Solution…

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5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Mattress

When Should I Replace My Mattress? Mattresses. Not many of us take notice of them, but should we? In simple terms, yes. Your mattress is one of the most powerful tools you have, it helps to fight off a host of health issues, some of which include; neck and back pain. Today we will be … Continue reading 5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Mattress

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