5 Advantages of Having a Folding Bed

Published on 1 December 2020

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Have you ever thought about buying folding beds before? What about bed hire for when you have guests over? You might be interested in having people over to stay but might not have the fixed bedroom space available to welcome them into your home. This is all the more reason to look into folding bed hire, or general bed hire for guests when they visit!

Benefits Of Hiring A Bed

Here are some great reasons why buying or renting folding beds just makes sense.

1. Save On Space

Folding beds are great space-savers. As you’ll already know, a bed can take up plenty of space in a room – well over 50% of floor spaces in most cases! Folding bed hire, however, will make sure that you can easily put your beds away by the morning, meaning that you can transform your space from day to day. It’s also great for smaller homes with only a couple of rooms.

2. Great For Guests

If you’re likely to have guests stopping over regularly, then it makes sense to have some form of spare bedroom suite set up. However, many people don’t have spare rooms at all, while others may worry that investing in any kind of bed is going to be an extra expense. If you do have guests stay over frequently, it’s easy enough to hire a folding bed which you can just roll out as and when they need it.

3. Comfort Is key

Some people may assume that folding beds are nowhere near as comfy as ‘the real thing’. This simply isn’t true! The best foldable beds are built with supportive, comfortable springs, meaning that while it’s easy to think that a spare bed that folds out is going to offer minimal support, a few nights’ sleep on a folding bed is going to give you plenty of comfort.

4. Portable And Easy To Move

Being portable is a real selling point for folding beds. Folding bed hire will offer you a unit that you can easily close up and carry around. This is perfect if you are likely to be moving from place to place, or if you want to change your rooms over time. Crucially, it’s amazing flexibility. You are never fixed in one place, which means you can pretty much make any space in any room a sleeping area.

5. Lots Of Choice And Functionality

There’s likely to be more choice in folding beds than you imagine. They don’t all come in one shape, size, or style! There are many different types and sizes of folding bed units available for hire, meaning if you are looking for an extra-long bed or something a little shorter than most, all you have to do is take a look at your options online. Why should you ever restrict yourself?

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