Why is Bed Hiring so Popular?

Published on 30 July 2020

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For all the things we can hire in this modern age, from cars and buildings to garden tools and even an array of services, beds probably wouldn’t be on most lists of rental items we think about. But, bed hire is actually a very popular option for many people and a whole host of businesses.

It might seem like a strange thing to hire, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Increasing the amount of sleeping space available to you, your family, friends or even clients and customers will give you options that you wouldn’t have otherwise. We all need to sleep, so why wouldn’t you hire a bed?

Increased Business

Beds, like people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From beds that fold up, fold away or fold-out, having the option to increase sleeping space at the drop of a hat gives you the ability to offer additional services for those that need them.

Who May Want to Hire a Bed?

Hospitals, hotels, hospices and care homes will be constantly in need of extra space, whether it’s for their residents, caregivers or families of those in need. The horrendous COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing showed us that we never quite know what’s around the corner and how serious things can get.

As temporary hospitals were created around the world in a matter of days to house patients, not to mention the nurses and key workers we’ve always relied on, it’s easy to forget that the beds they were treated on had to be hired to some extent. It was the only option in a crisis and at such short notice.

Not only was it convenient in the height of a global pandemic, hiring a bed is good practice in normal times. Hotels are the obvious place where hiring a bed is not only good practice but good business too.

Benefits of Hiring Beds

In these difficult economic times, buying all the extra beds businesses might need doesn’t make sense. Committing money to spend on beds that all have to be stored and maintained when much of the time they’re not required is difficult to justify. Hiring beds that will arrive in perfect working order and can be distributed when and where they’re needed quickly and easily by professionals makes perfect sense.

Hiring a bed not only makes financial sense, but it’s convenient too. Running any sort of business, large or small, that might need to increase the availability of beds at short notice will already have more than enough things to deal with on a daily basis. Imagine just having a whole new range of beds ready to go with a specialist supplier that’s only a phone call away. Having this confidence on hand in busier periods, or just when there’s an unexpected development that needs managing is extremely useful.


When hiring a bed, you can be sure that the furniture that arrives will give those who need it a good night’s sleep. It will be high-quality, versatile in its location and, more importantly, give everyone peace of mind.

Even if you’re not a business and just need extra beds for a child’s sleepover, party or when travelling, hiring a bed is the best option for so many situations. If you think it’s something you’re going to need, get in touch with our team today:

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