Why Hotels Hire Extra Beds

Published on 31 May 2022

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Hotel bed hire is a great way to fulfill all of your guests’ needs and fill up your hotel to capacity more easily. Adding extra beds to rooms could cater for families with children or larger groups of guests who might otherwise have had to find an alternative.

Bed Hire

Reasons Hotels Hire Beds

There are lots of reasons why bed hire is a great option for your hotel to bring in a little extra money and provide the best customer service.

Meets Guests Needs

Some guests may require additional sleeping arrangements depending on the group that they’re staying in. For example, a group with children may require additional bedspace in the room which isn’t normally there.

Sometimes folding bed hire means that you can easily move a bed in and out of the space when required and convert the room back into a standard double when it isn’t.

Storage Capacity

If you know that you’ll need extra bedding at certain times of the year to cope with increased demand on your hotel, you might want to introduce extra beds to make more money. However, as these beds aren’t needed all year round and may make the rooms look untidy, you may want to move them out of the rooms when they aren’t required.

If you buy your own beds, it can then be difficult to find storage space for them throughout the months that they aren’t needed and it’s not practical to buy beds for 6 months and sell them on.

Folding bed hire is a great solution. The beds fold up to be easily stored away and can be delivered to your door when you need them and remove when you don’t. This means that you aren’t responsible for storing them year-round.


Bed hire is more cost effective than owning and storage these additional items on the rarer occasion of needing to increase the occupancy of a room.


If you buy a new bed and it gets damaged, either by a guest or a staff member when moving, then you will be required to fork out for a whole new bed. Health and safety guidelines often state that beds need to be replaced instead of fixed, in case it becomes a danger to a guest in the future.

However, bed hire is a great solution as they normally come with a small insurance payment when you hire. This means that you aren’t responsible for any damage and your insurance will pay for any issues, saving you time, hassle and money.

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