Why Folding Beds?

Published on 22 May 2015

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Here at Bed Hire UK, we understand the importance of a good bed. Beds are an essential part of our everyday lives – the average person spends over 2000 hours a year sleeping. So it’s important that when you need a bed, it’s available for you. That’s why we provide high-quality foldaway beds for our customers – you can just fold them out when it’s time for bed.

A huge benefit of folding beds over regular beds is the extra space they allow for in the bedroom, as they are easily foldable and portable. If you’re a private customer looking to hire extra beds for the night to accommodate visiting family, most likely you will be glad of the extra room for the family to relax and socialise. Likewise, if you’re looking at folding bed rentals for your hotel, they will allow your guests to enjoy the luxury of a more spacious room before they sleep. Folding beds provide convenience for people who want a good night’s sleep but don’t necessarily want a bed taking up half of their living space.

If you need extra beds for a special function you’re hosting, perhaps a wedding or at Christmas, chances are you will not require these beds all year round. Buying a new bed is a big investment, whereas folding beds can be picked up at relatively low prices. And if you hire a folding bed through Bed Hire UK, it’ll be even cheaper! Our folding bed rentals start at just £27.50.

Even when you’re trying to save on space and money, you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort. Sprung mattresses allow for a great night’s sleep as you can snuggle down and the mattress will adapt to you. Almost all of our folding bed rentals come with a sprung interior, which makes them light and value for money. We think they provide high-quality comfort, and many of our customers, including world famous athletes, agree!

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