Turning A Double Room Into A Family Room Through A Bed Hire Service

Published on 27 July 2021

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Because the UK restrictions associated with Covid-19 are coming to an end, tourism is beginning to boom again. While traveling abroad still presents some difficulties, an increasing number of families are heading to London for some quality family time and to enjoy the amazing city. As family tourism increases, venues need to understand family requirements and adapt to attract more visitors. Hotel venues can capitalise on this new surge of family tourism by catering for families and ensuring they provide facilities that are convenient and appealing to them. This starts with providing rooms that can accommodate a whole family. The idea may seem costly at first, however, industry solutions such as bed hire can help while increasing profits long term.

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Catering For Family Tourism

Hotels tend to lack availability when it comes to family rooms. Double rooms are typically the most widely available type of room, but they fail to cater to many families’ needs. As families are looking for holiday venues, there is no better time than now to consider their needs and add more family rooms to take advantage of this surge in tourism.

Fortunately, it’s easy to turn a double room into a family room. Thanks to bed hiring services, your cash flow does not have to suffer from the costs of buying a bed outright. You will also have the flexibility of turning double rooms into a family room at short notice with next-day bed hire delivery. At Bed Hire, the facilities we offer are convenient and appealing to families, and will allow you to turn your double rooms into family rooms without using too much space. Choosing bed hire also means you can increase and decrease the number of extra beds you need depending on which guests have booked rooms.

Increasing Your Turnover

The price of a family room is on average double the price of a double room. This means that you can potentially double your profits by hiring beds to cater to families. Additionally, you will get the added business of families, who are typically reluctant to book two double rooms instead of a family room. 

Not only can you double your turnover for the same space, but you will also benefit from added income as more guests will use your facilities such as guest services, bars, and restaurants. Accommodating for more guests helps make your hotel profitable in more than one way and delivers a much-needed post-pandemic cash injection.If this blog has helped you and you would now like to maximiSE your double room’s turnover through our bed hire service please contact us today.

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