Top tips on the best types of mattresses out there

Published on 3 November 2017

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So which type of mattress suits your sleeping style

Are you at a loss on which of the mattress types would be the most suitable for you? Well, making the right choice of a mattress type is no easy task. The only way to avoid making the wrong one is to know everything about each type. The firmness, softness, and amount of pressure are the most important features to consider when picking you mattress of choice. The aim here is to be able to sleep without any trouble and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Here, we discuss the main types of mattresses along with their advantages and disadvantages that will help you pick the most appropriate one.

1. Hybrid mattresses

This is a combination of memory foam, latex, coils, pillow- tops, among other materials. The aim is to have maximum benefits and minimum demerits by combining two or more materials into one mattress.

The pros of hybrid mattresses include:
• Wonderful bounce
• Offers great support
• Has great responsiveness
This mattress combines all the benefits of the individual mattress types combined within it.

2. Latex mattresses

A latex mattress can either be one made of synthetic or natural rubber. They are a source of bouncy and firm support for you in the bed.

Latex mattresses have the following benefits:
• Provides a lot of support
• They are firm
• Are comfortable

• If you are looking to keep the cost down or are after a softer mattress then Latex might not be right for you.

3. Memory foam Mattresses

They are becoming very popular among most people. As the name suggests, these mattresses are a combination of layers of foam with varied densities. The foam has the capacity to respond to temperature and weight. They are common among those who value comfortability above every other thing, which represents a great majority. Memory foam mattresses have the ability to change to fit your body shape, thereby making it warmer for you.

• Can relieve pain by reducing pressure points & keeps in the warmth
• When your partner turns and tosses, you are not disturbed because the mattress has the ability to absorb movement

•Not the best choice if you live in a warmer climate
• Some cheaper memory foam toppers have a chemical smell that may be unpleasant to some people

4. Coils

These are also known as innerspring mattresses. They are the most common type in use. They use coil springs to give support. In order to provide comfort, some materials are added. Some people prefer pillow, others latex and other people still like memory foam.

• There are so many coil mattresses with different firmness and pillow (the top section of mattress). Their prices also differ hence, you can choose one that fits your preference and budget.

• They do not provide the specific traits of Memory foam or Latex so may not offer you exactly what you need.

5. Pillow Top Mattresses

A pillow-top mattress is made with an extra layer of upholstery sewn at the top. This gives an impression that a pillow has been placed on it, hence the name. The pillow-top layer may be made from materials of foam and fibre. It is the source of comfort offered by the mattress.

• Offer more cushion comfort
• Are softer
• Gives you support of cloud-like nature

Now that you have the knowledge, it is important that you make an informed choice of the mattress based on nature, pros, and cons highlighted above. Whenever you go shopping for one, always make sure you test the feel of the mattresses before buying any.

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