Teenagers and Sleep: Why Teens Need Their Sleep

Published on 31 October 2018

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Sleep is a very important part of everyone’s life. To every human being, sleep is the vital time for the brain to rest and for your body to heal. Therefore, sleep has everything to do with the well-being of every person. Without sleeping well, your quality of life will be substantially lowered to the extent that you won’t be able to operate to the expected standards of living. Teenagers, generally have a slightly different sleeping pattern from adults. However, sleep is vital for their growth. The golden rule is that every teenager needs to sleep for around 8 to 10 hours every single day. Anything less than this duration leads to problems in the overall life of a teenager. Here are the main reasons why teens need their sleep so much:

1. Sleep helps you have better concentration

Developing teenagers are in the period when we explore so many things about ourselves and life. This means that every teenager needs to have the highest level of concentration in order to go through this stage smoothly and in the right way. Without enough or good quality sleep, teens will end up losing concentration in areas like the classroom and even in social interactions. This makes them lose a lot in terms of academic and personal development.

2. To prevent mental drifting in class

A lot of people experience the mental drift that comes as a result of a lack of time in bed as teenagers when they’re in class. The mental state of a person is very vital for being able to pay attention in class and understand everything that’s being taught. Lack of sleep will make your mind drift in class making it difficult for you to get out anything from a class session.

3. Sleep helps you have a longer attention span

During the day, there a lot of things that teenagers need to pay attention to if they’re to get enough out of their lives at the age bracket. Lack of enough quality sleep makes the teen have a short attention span. This way, they can only extract so much from a whole lot of things that they could have learnt.

4. To avoid memory impairment

When teens don’t get enough sleep, their ability to remember things, especially things they learn in school dwindles. For them, a good quality sleep provides them with a chance to rejuvenate their brain’s memory. This way, they’ll be able to better remember most of the things they learn in class and out of it. So, ensure that your teenager has the right quality and amount of sleep each and every day.

5. To be more enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is a very vital aspect of life. To be able to fully engage in everyday activities, especially teenagers, they need to very enthusiastic about them. Without enough sleep, the teenager will find they’re less enthusiastic in doing these things. Hence, there’s a huge need for good sleep every day.

6. Increases academic performance

All the importance we’ve talked about so far, all work together for the general wellness of the teenager. When they’re well, they perform better in their academics. This makes it so vital to give enough sleep for any student if they’re to perform better at school.

7. To reduce the number of sick days

If a teenager doesn’t get enough sleep every day, they’ll tend to feel some headache when they’re at school. This will cause them to take more sick days than necessary. Enough sleep can substantially reduce the days when they have to take sick leaves.

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