Should I Hire High Chairs or buy Them?

Published on 28 August 2020

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Both for domestic and commercial use, hiring high chairs can be the better option over buying them outright. Sometimes this option is forgotten, which is a shame, as some benefits are well worth exploring in greater detail. Take a look at our list of benefits below.

No Need to Assemble

Some high chairs are really hard to put together, aren’t they? They really shouldn’t be for what they are. Essentially, a high chair is a very basic chair structure, but for some reason, they often manage to be complicated to assemble! Have you ever struggled to try and put one together? Well, why not cut out the annoying struggle and time wasted trying to figure it all out and look into high chairs for hire, where you have the set-up sorted for you.

No Need to Clean

Let’s face it, high chairs can become very messy, and fast! It’s not surprising in the slightest, with the nature of a high chair. Kids sit in them whilst consuming food and drink, and maybe throwing the food about and spilling the drink all over the chair! It’s not hard to understand why high chairs present a bit of a cleaning nightmare. This is another reason why you might like to consider hiring high chairs, so someone else can be tasked with the job of the big clean up. Whatever they charge, there is a good chance that most will think it’s well worth the fee. Of course, first of all, just check your chosen service does provide a cleaning option, as some may not.

Good For Bulk Buying High Chairs

You might be hosting an event such as a kid’s birthday party and require multiple high chairs. There is a very good chance that it will work out cheaper to hire the chairs rather than to buy them – especially if you’re only going to be needing them for one day.

Also, consider it from a commercial perspective, if you’re involved with a business where multiple high chairs need to be kept, renting them makes sense. Good examples would be for a restaurant or kid’s play area. In these situations, you will probably require a lot of high chairs, but you wouldn’t want to be stuck with them if you ever closed the business or no longer had any use for the high chairs. Renting would help prevent such an issue.

Saves on Storage and Transportation

Although high chairs are not massive themselves, they do take up a fair bit of space, which would be especially noticeable in a home. And of course, the more you have, the more of a problem this issue becomes, so you should consider transportation. If you purchase a high chair, you have to transport it from the shop, where you bought it, to your home, or wherever else it’s required. Some people may not even be able to fit one in their vehicle. Once again, choosing to hire a high chair will eliminate these kinds of issues.

Even if you normally purchase high chairs, it might be time to consider renting them instead. It can end up being the better option for quite a range of situations, especially regarding potentially saving time and money, thanks to the practical level of a hiring service.

So, if you are looking to hire a high chair, get in touch with us at Bed Hire today. Call us today on 0208 933 8888, or visit our contact page for more details.

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