London Hotel Capacities During Christmas

Published on 30 November 2021

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There is always plenty to do in London, even if it isn’t Christmas. However, during the Christmas period, the events are spectacular, and attract large crowds. Hotels will often struggle to accommodate everyone due to the sheer amount of people that are visiting. 

Let’s take a look at how folding bed hire can benefit your hotel this Christmas and allow you to get more guests through your doors.

London Hotel Capacities During Christmas

Hotels in London should expect to see a large increase in customers in 2021. A lot is happening in terms of events this year and people are excited to participate in live events following the last 18 months. Here are some events we’re expecting to be popular heading into Christmas this year.

Hogwarts In The Snow

Hogwarts In The Snow, for all the Harry Potter fans. Due to the popularity of this franchise, it is sure to pull in plenty of visitors. Winter has arrived at Hogwarts, with true festive additions. 

Christmas Lights Bus Tour

There is also the Christmas lights bus tour. Aiming to be a more and more brilliant event every year, the tours let people see the capital sparkle with the iconic Christmas lights.

Christmas Tours and The London Christmas Market

As always, London offers a fantastic Christmas Market which will be as busy as ever. There are tons of food stalls and gifts to buy for the whole family. Expert guides are offering tours around the city to attract more tourists as well.

Hospitality Pressure

Given that the above is just a small taste of what London has to offer this Christmas, hotels may struggle to accommodate the increased number of guests. Some hotels will need a surplus of beds during the holiday period to book in large groups. The standard number of beds that a hotel offers will often not be sufficient around this time of year. 

How Can Bed Hire Accommodate for Your Bed Shortages

As a hospitality company, buying bulky items is something that needs to be carefully thought through. Beds are one of these items; it can be difficult to find the extra space for storage as well as the increased monetary strain it may put on the business.

You could consider buying a few folding beds, but these will take up a lot of storage space when they aren’t needed all year round. Bed hire is a brilliant way to accommodate the extra traffic during the festive period, as you can just send them back when you’re done, and it’ll cost less than buying all new beds outright that you can’t accommodate for the remainder of the year. 

Here at Bed Hire, we offer a fast, convenient service to all our customers. We specialise in folding bed rentals and can get them to you when you need them most. We have thousands of beds that can be delivered at a moment’s notice, and we’ll arrange a collection when you are finished. 

Using our bed hire service can help you convert your double rooms into family rooms by offering additional sleeping solutions, meaning your guests can make the most of their family Christmas at your establishment. You can take on more reservations as you will have extra temporary beds for the busy festive period. 

Solve Your Needs with Bed Hire Today!

With a super-fast next delivery service on our beds, we can supply the Greater London area in no time at all. We are based in Harrow and offer a tailored service to all our customers. 

Get in touch to discuss what you need during this holiday period. London is expected to be extremely busy, and we can help your business make it fantastic for your customers this year.

Call us on 0208 933 8888 or contact us to check availability. 

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