Hiring Vs. Buying Extra Beds

Published on 22 May 2015

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Ensuring your business can continue operating even when you’re full to capacity is something many companies wish they could achieve. Nobody likes turning potential customers away, and the extra money earned could be the difference between targets hit and targets missed! Here at Bed Hire, we’re ensuring that whether you’re a hotel chain, or a luxury standalone accommodation, you can deliver the service you promise your customers, with our huge range of beds, available for you to hire today!

So what’s the real advantage when it comes to hiring more beds over buying them? There are a whole range of benefits that come with the hire service that makes it a prominent choice for many major clients up and down the country.

Perhaps you’re fully booked for a wedding, and then more party guests need somewhere to stay. Perhaps you have a large Christmas booking and need extra beds to get everybody in. There are any number of reasons why a hotel may need the beds, and in these situations, buying is less than ideal.

Naturally, these beds are not needed permanently, and as soon as they have served their use, the best plan of action is simply to have them out of the way. If you’ve purchased your extra beds however, it may be difficult to find somewhere to put them, and as normal service resumes, you’ll find they’re simply not making you any money – money you’ve lost purchasing them in the first place.

With bed hire, you have a swift and comprehensive contingency plan that accounts for extra guests at your hotel, and then what to do with the beds once they’re done with. Hiring is a cost effective way of making sure your hotel is as busy as possible without having to sink in extra funds that may not even return!

The comfort of the beds we hire out here at Bed Hire is renowned, with Wimbledon tennis stars and Russian weight lifters commenting on the comfortable nights they’ve spent in them, and many large hotel chains employer our services consistently, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the client-oriented, friendly and beneficial service we offer! For more information, call us today on 0208 933 8888!

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