High Chair Hire: Who is it For?

Published on 27 September 2022

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If you own a business that serves food, hosts entertainment or holds events, then it’s important to ensure that each and every one of your guests is happy and comfortable to encourage them to return. This means catering for every member of the family including the children.

Who Would Rent a High Chair?

Children are often the most restless during adult events or meals. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to their needs so that their parents or guardians are comfortable, relaxed and having a good time.

A screaming baby won’t just ruin the night for that baby’s family, but potentially for other guests seated around them too. For this reason, a baby’s high chair offering comfort and a shelf to eat off which they can use for activities is paramount.

High chairs in a restaurant


If you own a restaurant, you probably have a few high chairs to use if a family comes in with a baby. However, during busier periods, such as Christmas time, you’re much more likely to have more babies than you can handle.

High chair hire is a great fix for this. You can hire out high chairs specifically for your busy period without having to pay out lots of money if you know you won’t need extras year-round. This also saves on storage space when they’re not in use.

Birthday Parties

Throwing a children’s birthday party may mean that mums and dads bring younger children with them due to childcare arrangements, even if the birthday boy or girl is older.

This might mean that you quickly run out of high chairs.

High chair hire allows you to cover off this issue by hiring high chairs just for that day. It won’t cost much, will make your guests feel more comfortable and you won’t have the responsibility of fixing a broken chair if an accident happens.

The hiring firm will also pick up the chairs once you’ve finished, so there’s minimal stress.


Venues are at the top of the list for not being able to cater to mass numbers of babies. If you’re a wedding venue, there may be occasions when extended family and friends have lots of children in tow.

Venues are well-known for not having enough high chairs, meaning the guests that aren’t immediate family sometimes have to make do with what’s on offer.

If those people don’t enjoy the wedding, the bride and groom won’t be impressed.

Hiring high chairs for expected extra babies will help you to put smiles on the faces of everyone in the photos.

Events and Festivals

Events and festivals specifically aimed at young children are often thrown at venues that aren’t quite prepared for so many babies.

If you own a venue that throws predominantly adult events, then providing enough high chairs at a child’s event may put you out.

Hiring high chairs for a specific event will keep all the children happy and mean that you’re recommended to throw more events in the future.

High Chair Rental

Bedhire.co.uk offer a range of high chairs for rental that suit any event. We will drop off and collect your rented high chairs at your convenience so there’s no added stress and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a high chair, meaning you get the same thing cheaper with no obligation to store it year-round. Contact us for a no obligation quote and delivery service. 

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