Extra Beds For Your Business: Hiring vs. Buying

Published on 28 October 2022

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If you have a business that requires you to provide sleeping arrangements, for example a hotel or hostel, then you’ll need to consider the best options for your customers in regard to beds.

Some hotels have seasonal downturns and the bookings can fluctuate throughout the year depending on the local attractions. This might mean that you need to add extra beds to your establishment that aren’t required year-round.

You should consider whether buying new beds or bed hire is best for your business both practically and financially.

Benefits of Hiring a Bed

Bed hire can offer you lots of flexibility within your business and has many benefits:

Flexibility with Numbers

You only need extra beds for a certain time of year, such as Christmas for example. It then makes sense to only have them for that portion of the year. Bed hire means that you can add a few more beds to the hotel to support guest requirements just at the times you need them. This reduces your cleaning bills, frees up storage and gives you more space.

Storage Space

If you don’t always need the extra beds, then you’ll be stuck trying to find space to store them when they aren’t in your rooms. Even with foldable beds, that’s still a lot of storage space. If you hire a bed, then you can ask the bed hire company to pick it up when you don’t need it. This helps to save yourself some space.

Insurance and Repairs

Hiring a bed means that you aren’t responsible if something happens to it. If the bed becomes damaged or broken, most hire companies will include a small insurance payment within the bed hire costs. This will be cheaper than buying a new bed. It also means that if anything happens to the bed while you have it, the company will send you a new one.

Cost Effective

Bed hire is a fraction of the cost of buying a new bed. This means that you can pay for just the time that you need it and have the bed collected when you don’t and only pay for the time that it’s with you. Doing this means you’ll get a sturdy and quality bed each time you hire and you won’t have to cope with ageing beds or having to think about buying a new one when it gets a little tired.

Foldable bed

Benefits of Buying a Bed

There are also benefits of buying a bed for your business. If you buy a bed, you have it in an emergency if more guests turn up than you expected. The one-off payment may also be beneficial for you if you aim to keep the bed for a long time and feel that this method may be more cost-effective based on the amount you use it.

You also have the flexibility to sell your own bed if it’s in good condition, when you no longer need it, giving you some lump-sum cash when you need it.

Bedhire.co.uk offer a range of hired bed services, meaning you can fill your rooms more easily and clear out storage space when you need it most. They will arrange for convenient drop off and pick up of your beds with a quick turnaround, leaving your business more flexible for your guests. To enquire about bed hire and the types of beds on offer, contact bedhire.co.uk today for friendly, expert service.

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