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Published on 30 August 2019

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For the first two years of your baby’s life, they will spend more time sleeping than they will be awake. Even though it might not feel like it when your yawning through those night-time feeds. Getting everything right with your baby’s sleeping environment is crucial, so here’s a simple guide to help you with your baby’s sleeping environment.

Second-hand cots – are they safe for my baby

There are a few key points that you should bear in mind when purchasing a second-hand cot. Second-hand cots are safe as long as you follow all of the procedures and safety standards. Make sure that nothing is sticking out of the top rails also be sure that all of the vertical bars are still tight and locked in place it could be very dangerous if the bars are loose. If there are any stickers or transfers left on the cot, make sure that you remove these due to the fact they can be a choking hazard. It is always best to ask to view that cot before purchasing it, so remember this if you are purchasing the cot online.

Does it matter where I put the cot?

Due to the fact babies are less able to control their temperature than you are, it is advisable that you don’t put the cot near a radiator or window. If you are placing your baby’s cot near a window there is also the risk of them grabbing the blind cord if you don’t have child safety measures in place.

What mattress should I choose?

Using a mattress with a waterproof cover keeps it long-lasting from spills and stains as these are easy to clean. It importantly prevents the baby from falling ill due to allergies and inhalation of retained moisture. Mattresses should be firm to aid baby’s development, no thinner than 8cm and fit cot beds perfectly to prevent limbs from getting stuck in small gaps.

Baby bedding – what’s best?

When it comes to bedding for your baby’s cot you should go for the complete opposite to what you would want, nice thick pillows and a big cosy duvet. Its best for babies under one year old to not have a pillow and lay on the flat mattress and have a very thin blanket or sleepsuit. When your child moves out of the cot and into a normal bed then you can give them a pillow and duvet. Less is more when your baby is sleeping in the cot.

Is a cot bumper considered to being safe?

Cot bumpers are not looked at being safe, because of the risks of accidents after the baby can roll and move in their cot. Once your baby is at the climbing and crawling stage, they can also use the cot bumpers as an aid to climbing out of the cot.

What position is best for my baby to sleep in?

Babies should sleep flat on their backs with their legs straight and feet at the bottom of the cot, make sure the blanket is below shoulder height as if they do wriggle down in the night it won’t cover their face.

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