Cot Hire for New Parents | The Beginners Big Benefits

Published on 30 September 2021

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If you’re new to parenting, the costs of all the equipment and clothing could be very expensive, and cot hire could save you money at the start of your journey. Instead of researching the best cot for your family yourself, you can ask a professional. At the cot hire company, the staff will help you find the perfect cot that’s safe, convenient, and comfortable for your baby.

There are so many benefits to cot hire for new parents, let’s explore why you should hire a cot rather than buying one.

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Cost-Effective Cot Hire

Cot hire is an affordable way to begin your path as a parent. Hiring a cot is much more affordable than buying a brand-new cot. The money you save you can spend on those all-important baby outfits, food, and accessories – not to mention rent and utility bills.

Baby cot hire is an amazingly practical idea because we all know that children grow so fast. If you’ve paid a hefty price for your cot, it’s likely it won’t be needed for very long. After a while, it’s just money down the drain.

Space Saving

Not only is a cot expensive, but it’s also usually quite a large item and takes up a lot of room in your home. Having the option of renting a cot can save you the inconvenience of having to sell the item or store it once your child grows up.

Baby Safety

You can also be sure that when you opt for baby cot hire, your baby is going to be safe. Your hire company will supply a cot that has been tested to ensure it’s reliable, secure, and sturdy. You can have peace of mind that your child is not only sleeping soundly in their comfy cot but is safe too.

Hiring a Cot From Bed Hire

A safe, high-quality cot will be made from durable materials, have all the relevant safety catches, and drop-down sides for easy access. Convenience is essential as a cot that isn’t easily accessible will not only endanger your children but will also make parenting much harder.

A cot hire specialist will be able to talk to you about getting a mattress that can accompany your cot because comfort is equally important. A good cot is not just about sleeping through the night though. It’s also somewhere in the day that your baby can rest and enjoy.


Cot hire is a great way of reducing the initial start-up expenses for new parents. The cost of food, nappies, and those standard bills everyone is a significant outlay. The ideal solution is cot hire as it not only saves you money but offers added convenience too.

You can choose short-term or long-term hire depending on your requirements. Whatever your needs, Bed Hire has the supply and experience to support you as a new parent, contact us directly via the contact form for your quick quote or call us directly on 02089 338888 to speak to one of our exceptional staff members to get the hiring process underway.

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