5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Mattress

Published on 31 October 2019

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When Should I Replace My Mattress?

Mattresses. Not many of us take notice of them, but should we? In simple terms, yes. Your mattress is one of the most powerful tools you have, it helps to fight off a host of health issues, some of which include; neck and back pain. Today we will be discussing 5 signs that could indicate that you need to replace your mattress.

Replacing Your Mattress: The Signs 

Unlike a smashed phone screen or a flat tire, a mattress doesn’t always have obvious signs that it needs replacing. But, that’s where we come in. Here at Bed Hire, we are the professionals when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep, hiring out beds to large hotel chains across the nation. The following are common signs that your mattress needs replacing;

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  1. Your Mattress is Over 8 Years Old

On average, we spend 33.33% of our lives in bed. So, there is no surprise that our mattress plays a large role in our general health, well being, energy levels, alertness and overall day-to-day mood. To help prolong the life of your current mattress you could try switching your mattress round, spin it 180 degrees every time you change the sheets so your head is now sleeping at the other end.  

  1. Aches & Pains 

Are you waking up with aches and pains? Yes? Well, this may be a sign that you need to replace your mattress. If you’re waking up in the morning with aches and pains, it could be your mattress. This happens when you’re mattress isn’t giving your body the support and comfort it needs.

  1. Visible Mattress Sag

When a mattress starts to “lose its shape”, it can cause a lot of pain in the joints and muscles of your body. It is no longer providing your body with the support it needs. You may notice that the main points in the mattress started to sag, these are like idents into the mattress. When your mattress starts to sag, its time to invest into an all-new mattress, you won’t regret it.  

  1. Dust Allergies

Dust mites. You can’t see them but they’re there. Dust mites thrive in mattresses and bedding, so when you start to react to dust, it’s time to change your mattress. This is the last resort however, you can try washing your bedding frequently and even purchasing a dust mite resistant mattress cover, this will help to keep dust mites at bay. 

  1. Squeaky Springs 

Worn out and broken box springs can affect your sleep, comfort and support. So, if you’re feeling a slight discomfort when you’re sleeping but can’t quite figure out why – check the box springs. It’s also important to ensure that your bed frame is supportive, ensure that there is centre support on the bottom. This prevents the mattress from sagging to quickly. 

Here at Bed Hire, we are Europe’s leading folding bed hire company, we provide some of the top hotels in the UK with folding beds and good nights sleep. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today on 0208 933 8888 or pop us an email at sales@bedhire.co.uk.

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