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What to look for when choosing your crib

Safety, simplicity and beauty are often the main factors you need to consider when choosing your crib. However, good support from a soft and thick mattress, and good ventilation are important features for your baby. It is better to opt for a reasonably bigger size crib so that it accommodates your child comfortably and gives plenty of space for toys.

Child Safety

  • You need to give top priority to safety. If you’d prefer a crib with wheels, choose the one which has a locking feature, as this prevents unintentional movement.
  • The gap between slats should be of maximum 5cm to 6cm. A minimum of 3cm is required to allow proper light and ventilation.
  • Choose a crib with fixed side rail. This way you don’t end up dropping it accidentally and hurting your baby.
  • While selecting the material for the crib, opt for unpainted wood or superior grade plastic. Metal is normally avoided unless it is high quality steel with no sharp edges.
  • The mattress should be thick enough (5 to 6 inches) to provide cushioning while sleeping.
  • The distance between top of the mattress and top of the rail should be at least 20 inches to prevent the child from climbing out.
  • Height of the crib legs should preferably be 5 to 6 inches to the mattress. This makes it easy for you to lift and place the baby inside firmly without having to stretch down too far.


  • You might get tempted to buy or hire a fancy crib with complex design to amuse your baby. However, it is better to opt for a simple one to avoid baby clothes getting caught.
  • A soothing colour helps keep your baby (and you!) calm and soothed.
  • A convertible crib is ideal which can be changed into a bed once your child becomes 2 years old. Multiple functional cribs are also useful as they can be dismantled and transported easily when you move.


  • Minimum of 27” width x 54” length is required to provide maximum comfort. If your child’s room can accommodate a larger one, you can opt for 40” X 60”.
  • Avoid mattresses with a plastic coating which can cause allergic reactions with your baby’s sensitive skin. Instead you can use a baby rubber mat to cover the mattress for when and if your baby wets the bed.
  • You can choose a canopy to cover the crib as it helps safeguard your baby from insects – meanwhile, it can also can look very nice!

Travel Crib

A portable crib made of light weight aluminium, nylon and plastic is highly useful, as it can be carried wherever you travel. It is easy to assemble and dismantle within a few minutes.

Multi-use Crib

Multi-use cribs can accommodate a shelf for keeping baby clothes and things. However, you need to ensure maximum space within the crib to meet the safety guidelines aforementioned, and the room itself needs to be spacious enough.

Crib Shape

It is better to opt for a rectangular shape if you wish your kid to have maximum space. Round cribs occupy slightly less space and might be recommended if you have a small house. They are can be more lightweight in nature and, like rectangular cribs, are available in a variety of attractive colours.

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