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Everything You Need To Know About Bed Hire

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep; no matter how stressed you are or how much you’ve got on your mind, everything seems better after a peaceful, relaxing sleep in a comfortable bed. Here at Bed Hire UK we are passionate about making it easier than ever to get a good night’s sleep and that’s where our bed hire services come in.

If you own a hotel or B&B, the quality of the sleep that a customer gets will play a big role in your customer satisfaction and the chances are that if you’re providing your customers with uncomfortable beds, they won’t be back in a hurry! We hire out our quality, comfortable beds to a huge range of leading hotels to help their customers off to the land of nod and wake up refreshed.

Our Bed:

We are immensely proud of the quality of our folding bed for hire:

– 2’6” x 6’3”
– Strong box steel frame
– BS7177 Ignition Source compliant
– For use with 4 ½” sprung interior mattresses


We both deliver and collect our beds to central London and offer competitive prices:

– From £33.50 for delivery
– From £33.50 for collection

We also offer individual quotes for different areas.

What Else Is Available?

Here at Bed Hire UK we offer much more than just bed hire services in order to cater for your individual requirements. We also offer:

– Rail hire
– Cot Hire
– High chair hire

Thanks to our outstanding services, it’s easier than ever to cater your customers’ needs and if your customers are happy, they’re much more likely to return and recommend your business to friends and family.

For more information about our services then please visit our website or get in touch with us directly; our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or talk you through your options.


The Benefits of Hiring a Cot

If you have recently had a baby, you know that sleep is vital for them. Babies need the best sleep possible whether they are at home or away. Many new families often postpone weekend breaks to see family after having a child as they are worried about sleeping arrangements. This no longer needs to be the case. Here at Bed Hire we specialise in providing suitable cots to hire for families so they are able to travel with peace of mind. You no longer have to miss out on those special breaks.

All of our cots are of the highest standard and come with a drop down side for easy access. We provide comfortable mattresses so your baby will have a good night’s sleep. It’s an amazing experience to be a new parent but it’s also very scary. That’s why we ensure our cots meet all safety standards. Our cots are strong and sturdy so you never have to worry about your child. This will enable you to enjoy your trip rather than worrying about the comfort of your baby.

No family should have to choose between price and their baby’s safety and comfort. So at Bed Hire we make sure our prices are affordable for all families. We also provide a delivery and collection service to save your from extra hassle.

So if you’re interested in our cot hire service, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team has over 15 years’ experience with dealing with any request and we are always happy to help. You can also call us directly on 0208 933 8888.

Why Folding Beds?

Here at Bed Hire UK, we understand the importance of a good bed. Beds are an essential part of our everyday lives – the average person spends over 2000 hours a year sleeping. So it’s important that when you need a bed, it’s available for you. That’s why we provide high-quality foldaway beds for our customers – you can just fold them out when it’s time for bed.

A huge benefit of folding beds over regular beds is the extra space they allow for in the bedroom, as they are easily foldable and portable. If you’re a private customer looking to hire extra beds for the night to accommodate visiting family, most likely you will be glad of the extra room for the family to relax and socialise. Likewise, if you’re looking at folding bed rentals for your hotel, they will allow your guests to enjoy the luxury of a more spacious room before they sleep. Folding beds provide convenience for people who want a good night’s sleep but don’t necessarily want a bed taking up half of their living space.

If you need extra beds for a special function you’re hosting, perhaps a wedding or at Christmas, chances are you will not require these beds all year round. Buying a new bed is a big investment, whereas folding beds can be picked up at relatively low prices. And if you hire a folding bed through Bed Hire UK, it’ll be even cheaper! Our folding bed rentals start at just £27.50.

Even when you’re trying to save on space and money, you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort. Sprung mattresses allow for a great night’s sleep as you can snuggle down and the mattress will adapt to you. Almost all of our folding bed rentals come with a sprung interior, which makes them light and value for money. We think they provide high-quality comfort, and many of our customers, including world famous athletes, agree!

Find out more about our folding bed rentals by browsing our range, or call 02089338888

The Advantages of Hiring a Bed

If you are involved in the hospitality trade, such as owning a hotel, you will likely experience times of high demand when the number of guests exceeds the number of available beds. This is most likely to happen during the high-season or when there are special events such as weddings or conferences.

When you are caught short, you may be able to resolve the situation by adding extra beds in some guest rooms or other spaces. In order to do this though, you will either need to rent or buy this extra furniture. In many instances, the best choice will be for you to rent the beds – in that case, the Bed Hire Company will be able to cater for your needs.

Benefits of Bed Hire:

• Renting is likely to be the better option if you only need these beds during your busy times.

• You won’t need to find additional space for these beds when they’re not in use as you can simply send them back.
• If you suddenly find yourself short of beds, it can be very convenient to just call the Bed Hire UK and have furniture delivered as opposed to having to pay out for brand new beds.
• Another advantage of hiring, is it means that you can provide your guests with high quality extra beds instead of possibly buying low quality beds in order to keep within your budget.
• Many of these beds are available as a fold away option so you can easily transport them around your hotel and store them if necessary.

If you have decided that hiring a bed is your best option, you can contact us here at the Bed Hire UK. If you have any further questions about our bed hire service please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to offer you any advice you need. We are based in West London, and we already hire beds to many of the best hotels in the London area.


Comfortably Cater for Summer School Students

With universities across the country running summer courses covering various different subjects for those who are unable to attend university full time throughout the year, it can be difficult to cater for these individuals when many of the apartments and rooms are currently unfurnished. In preparation for this summer rush, here at Bed Hire UK we are able to provide you with comfortable beds to furnish your student accommodation.

When students are coming over from foreign lands to attend university during the summer for various reasons, they may not be expecting the Ritz from their temporary accommodation but they will definitely be expecting the essentials such as a place to sleep, a kitchen and a bathroom. Therefore, hiring beds for a time span of a few months can be highly beneficial as it will work out a huge amount cheaper than buying all the furniture for a bedroom which is not seen as a necessity.

We have many clients that choose to use our services during the summer months and are always satisfied with the service that we provide. Our beds are folding so that they are easy to transport and take only a matter of seconds to set up. They are proven to be comfortable and therefore your visitors will be able to get a good nights sleep before their day of studying.

Whether you have a small or large amount of students attending your university this summer, we are more than happy to offer our services for your needs. If you would like to talk to us about arranging folding bed rentals for your university or school, please call us on 020 8933 8888 or get in touch via thecontact page.


Preparing for a Large Function at Your Hotel

Most hotels have fixed number of rooms with fixed number of beds, which means it is not easy to increase the beds to accommodate more guests at a drop of a hat. When in such circumstances, our unique bed hire service will definitely come in handy. Our bed hiring services are designed especially for hotels, standalone hotels and luxury hotel chains that host large functions and events, such as weddings, but do not have enough beds to accommodate all the guests.

Why Hire Beds?

At Bed Hire UK, we offer a range of high-quality folding beds and beech frame cots. When hotels hire beds from us, they do not have to increase their inventory or spend money on making additional purchases for a one-time event. We understand that large events are not held every day, and hotels may not be very conducive to spending money on making a purchase that they will use infrequently. Hence, our bed hire service is ideal for hotels. It allows hotels to get quick and easy access to as many beds and cots as they need, without having to worry about what to do with them after the event finishes.

Furthermore, our bed hire services allow hotels to offer a comfortable place for guests and event organisers to rest and relax after celebrations. This unique and personalised service is a great way to ensure satisfied guests, who will recommend the hotel to their friends and family, thereby bringing in more business for the hotel.

The Bed Hire UK Advantage

Our folding beds conform to EU standards, and are safe and comfortable. You can be certain that after enjoying and celebrating during the event, tired guests will love to relax on our beds. Whether your hotel is hosting a wedding, family reunion, corporate gathering or world famous athletes and sports stars, you can rest assured that your guests will compliment you on the comfort and luxurious feel of our beds.

We offer our customers competitive rates, without compromising on the quality of our folding beds. In addition, we ensure that the hotels we service receive a fast, reliable and friendly service throughout. You can count on Bed Hire UK to provide the service you are looking for in a time frame and budget that suits you perfectly..

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of bed hire, and we know what it takes to keep our customers happy and satisfied. If your hotel is hosting a large event, you no longer need to worry about not having sufficient beds to accommodate guests. Just call us and we will promptly deliver the


3 Reasons Why Bed Hire is a Great Option for Student Accommodation

Most colleges open their doors to new and current students every year for language schools. There is an influx of students, both domestic and foreign, due to which sudden need for student accommodation arises. This means every room has to be equipped with beds, which could mean a sizeable investment. Colleges that are usually put up with such rather stringent circumstances would probably like to know how we will be able to bail them out of the situation.


Unlike buying beds to furnish student accommodation, there is no need for a large investment when it comes to hiring beds. In fact, hiring beds for student accommodation is considerably cheaper than going out and purchasing beds. So, bed hire could actually help save money, which could be put to better use.

Suits Your Timescale

One of the main benefits of bed hire is being able to have beds for a specific time period. You can hire the beds just for the holidays when the classes for the language schools are on. So once the holidays are over, the beds are removed, thereby facilitating easy cleaning of the rooms and preparing them for the next academic year.

Easy Replacement

At Bed Hire, we ensure that our beds are sturdy and durable. They are built to take in the rigours of a student’s lifestyle. However, sometimes, the beds can get damaged or broken. Under such circumstances, it is easy to replace these beds without suffering huge losses or incurring unnecessary expenses.

We at Bed Hire have more than 15 years of experience in the field of bed hire. We are a folding bed hire company that only offers high-quality beds that conform to EU standards. Our beds have been appreciated by some of the top tennis players, who come to compete at Wimbledon; as well as by other world famous athletes. Besides hotels, we supply beds to the Ministry of Defence, for student accommodation, summer schools, weddings, housewarmings, training companies, construction companies, and even stag and hen parties.

If you are looking for comfortable, student-friendly bed hire for student accommodation in your college campus during the holidays at short notice, we would love to assist you. You can rest assured knowing our beds are priced reasonably to make bed hire affordable.